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Our background and experience includes working with global companies on their most significant and complex legal matters. Our selectivity in cases provides clients with services we believe to be rather unique. We make an effort to provide each client with superior services and attention, often undertaking cases under fee arrangements that make our compensation tied to the results we achieve for our client rather than the number of hours we bill. In certain circumstances we undertake litigation on contingent fee arrangement. We believe our clients appreciate our working at our own risk to achieve the best result. The result of each case depends on the facts and numerous other factors. Each case is different and results may vary, but we provide our clients with our best effort in each and every undertaking.


In addition to our experience and understanding as lawyers, we draw on the advisory assets of senior executives and inventors with experience as founders, CEOs, innovators and senior executives in technology, e-commerce, entertainment, film, broadcasting, advertising, digital media, and other fields. The understanding and experience of leaders and innovators is important in technology and intellectual property litigation, where disputes often present tremendous intellectual, practical and procedural challenges – demanding solutions built around cutting-edge ideas and strategies. We come to each case with an open mind, drawing on the experience and expertise of clients and experts presenting unique perspective, perception, and insight.

We work with professionals and experts having academic and significant practical experience in many technology disciplines, including engineering, physics, chemical and life sciences, biotech, pharma, and computer and information sciences.


We offer a highly experienced litigation practice with global reach and experience, serving both individual and corporate clients worldwide. We have significant experience in complex litiigation, intellectual property disputes, and technology related litigation. When our clients have transactional needs (non-litigation needs) we typically refer such transaction work to leading intellectual property lawyers or law firms focused on transactions or transactional work in the specific field and by geographically appropriate representation for the client.

Intellectual property disputes sometimes involve activities overseas. We serve international clients in the US and domestic clients in foreign intellectual property disputes. We have direct work experience in many foreign locales.

We frequently collaborate with other highly regarded firms to pool resources, coordinate prosecution of complex claims and help maximize the outcome for our clients. We have for several years enjoyed strategic relationships with leading global law firms. International cases include passing off, injunction proceedings, Internet disputes, art, advertising, entertainment, film/video, media, and publishing.

Our Areas of Practice

Our litigation practice serves a variety of industries in a wide range of intellectual property and commercial law, including:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets
  • Unfair Competition
  • False Advertising
  • Right of publicity
  • Internet and e-commerce litigation
  • New Media litigation
  • Right to Privacy
  • Entertainment

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