"Mr. President, Dana Taschner's devotion to fighting oppression recently earned him the American Bar Association's Lawyer of the Year award. His unwavering devotion to clients, and selfless devotion to fairness, truly embody our American justice system...a role model for us all."

U.S. Senate Tribute


"Lawyer of the Year Award...Through your outstanding leadership and advocacy, you have provided the voice of justice in protecting the basic human rights of your clients." -- Governor of California

Dana has been lead or co-lead counsel in product liability, intellectual property, financial litigation, commercial litigation, consumer protection, Internet, constitutional, business disputes, unfair business practices, major felony and other cases. His practice is international in scope, including admission to practice in over a dozen federal jurisdictions, with cases or parties in over two dozen countries.

"One of the country's most sought after, influential, recognized, and successful trial lawyers."

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"Great Plaintiff Lawyer "  -- Huffington Post

Dana's work on groundbreaking cases has been featured in national and international news including CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, MSNBC, CNBC, and major publications such as New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Wall Street Journal.

"Dana Taschner possesses the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, and social skills. While his expansive portfolio and extraordinary success record are unmatched, you would never know it based on Dana's collected and relaxed demeanor. Unlike many attorneys who have oversized egos and something to prove, Dana simply gets down to business and has a tremendous reputation for getting the job done." -- Best Lawyers, Lawyer of the Year.

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Product Liability, Mass Tort, Consumer Protection & Class Actions

Environmental Litigation

Intellectual Property & Media

Business & Financial Litigation

Constitutional Claims

Complex Proceedings, Class Actions, and International Litigation

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“Dana Taschner provided me with the highest quality attorney services and skills”

“Unmatched portfolio and experience”

“Dana Taschner has the “excellence in his work that is unparalleled”.

Dana B. Taschner
ABA Sole Practitioner of the Year
Lawyer of the Year

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