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Dana Taschner is "one of the country's most sought after, influential, recognized, and successful trial lawyers."

Dana has widely recognized expertise in handling complex claims that present challenging procedural and legal issues. More than a dozen cases undertaken by Dana have involved proceedings before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, and he has appeared before numerous governmental bodies and international organizations. Admitted to practice in over a dozen jurisdictions, Dana has served as counsel in matters with proceedings or parties in over two dozen countries. Areas of practice include mass tort, product liability, environmental law, consumer protection, intellectual property, Internet, technology, business, privacy, and entertainment.

Product Liability, Mass Tort, Consumer Protection & Class Actions

Dana is currently engaged in nationwide litigation involving the global recall of thousands of Depuy hip devices and surgical mesh medical devices. For more than two decades, Dana has been involved in representing individuals or pursuing nationwide consumer claims in significant product liability cases, including global medical device recalls, pharmaceutical drug recalls, unsafe vehicles and SUV rollovers, Birth Control Device Litigation, Diet Drug (Fen-Phen) Litigation, diabetes drug Rezulin Litigation, Sulzer Hip Implant Device Litigation, DePuy Hip Device Litigation, Transvaginal Mesh Medical Device Litigation, and Philips Ventilator Litigation. Dana also undertakes complex personal injury litigation involving brain injury, spinal cord injury, and birth defect litigation, typically involving catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death. Dana has also been an advocate for consumer privacy and online security.

Environmental Litigation

Dana has been engaged in significant and complex environmental litigation, including claims related to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, regarded as one of the largest environmental disasters in US history with millions of gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and causing catastrophic damages to Gulf residents and the environment. Dana's previous legal engagements have involved pipelines transiting California State Lands and San Francisco Bay tideland areas.  

Intellectual Property & Media

Dana's practice has involved technology, E-commerce, Internet, media, and entertainment. Dana has represented individuals, inventors, and businesses in matters and disputes throughout North America and before the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Dana has also represented actors, directors, producers, writers, recording artists, production and distribution companies in a wide variety of disputes in the United States, Canada and Europe. Dana has served as lead counsel in cases concerning E-commerce, trademark, copyright, patent, trade secrets, license rights, entertainment distribution, DVD and movie rights, net profits, privacy, Internet domain disputes, brand infringement and dilution, entertainment and film properties, music libraries and profits, software disputes, Internet security and hacker liability, and other intellectual property or Internet related disputes. To visit our technology and media page, click here. Dana's early career was as an associate at the world's largest law firm in San Francisco/Silicon Valley working on a range of litigation and intellectual property disputes on behalf of domestic and international clients.

Business & Financial Litigation

Dana is experienced in representing businesses in a variety of business disputes in the United States and abroad. Dana has represented domestic and foreign companies in a range of litigation, representing clients in a variety of industries including, investment, technology, media, film, music, airlines, beverage manufacturers, real estate companies and developers, textile manufacturers, shipping companies, hotel operators, mining, and others. One of the defining cases concerning international service of process on foreign nationals under the Hague Convention was successfully argued by Dana and reported in Federal Rules Decisions. The case has been cited by the United States Courts of Appeal, the Hawaii Supreme Court, and the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology  (Fall 2003).  International arbitration or international business engagements include cases, parties, or proceedings in North America, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Central America, Middle East, and Africa.

Dana also served as counsel in civil and criminal cases involving allegations of financial fraud and conspiracy, with proceedings in the United States and abroad. Dana was appointed counsel in US v Crowell resulting from the federal task force "Operation Ice" investigation of charges concerning manufacturing and distribution of crystal methamphetamine, coordinated by federal law enforcement agencies and prosecuted by senior United States Attorneys affiliated with the Government's Drug Task Force. Dana also served as appointed counsel in US v Hardy and other federal trial and appellate matters, with appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court.

Constitutional Claims

Dana has pursued compelling constitutional claims on behalf of individuals, groups, and survivors. Dana has prosecuted individual and class action claims before the United States trial and appellate courts, involving claims brought under the United States Constitution and various civil rights acts for underenforcement of domestic violence laws, racial profiling of Hispanic and African Americans, and failure to provide adequate and necessary medical care in detention centers. Dana has collaborated with elected officials in the United States and abroad concerning civil liberties.

Complex Proceedings, Class Actions, and International Litigation and Arbitration

Certain matters undertaken by Dana have involved complex domestic or international proceedings and/or involved millions of individuals.  Certain matters have been best suited for class action or coordinated prosecution. Dana has been involved in class actions and complex legal proceedings involving the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, Toyota Recall Litigation, pharmaceutical liability, medical device litigation, asbestos litigation, automotive recalls, technology and Internet litigation, electronic banking, financial or investment matters, and racial profiling, with parties or proceedings in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Washington, and Washington D.C., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, England, Ireland, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Italy, France, French Polynesia, Kiribati (Not admitted in all jurisdictions).  Dana has been involved in multiple international proceedings and arbitration matters in the United States and Abroad.

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