Senator Harry Reid, United States Senate Majority Leader Recommends Dana Taschner

"Mr. Taschner's devotion to fighting oppression earned him the American Bar Association's Lawyer of the Year award. He was chosen from a pool of approximately 245,000 other lawyers in North America…Dana Taschner's unwavering dedication to his clients can be seen in his personal relationships with them, relationships that often outlive the outcome of the case. Dana Taschner, whose integrity and selfless devotion to fairness truly embody our American justice system, is a role model for us all."

– Senator Harry Reid, United States Senate Majority Leader

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“Dana Taschner provided me with the highest quality attorney services and skills”

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“Dana Taschner has the “excellence in his work that is unparalleled”.

Dana B. Taschner
ABA Sole Practitioner of the Year
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